How I Work

Your business copywriting journey takes this route

Maybe this is your first time working with a content writer or copywriter. I’m here to make the process as easy and smooth as possible for you. Below I have outlined my writing project process, so you understand what lies ahead. Of course, projects vary, however this gives you a general guide. 

I will work collaboratively with you to create authentic, focused and persuasive content to engage with your target market.

It’s your business after all so it’s important for you to have input. 

Copywriting process - initial chat icon - Crystal Lobban Creative.


We’ll have a chat and get to know each other. You can explain to me what you need and I’ll provide a ballpark quote (if sufficient information is gathered from our initial chat). A quote will then be sent to you. If you’re ready to move ahead, I’ll send you a proposal to sign.

Copywriting process - proposal icon - Crystal Lobban Creative.


I’ll send you a detailed proposal outlining the project objectives, the work involved, what you will receive and the cost, along with my terms and conditions. Once you sign the proposal and return it to me, I will schedule in your project.

Copywriting process - initial payment icon - Crystal Lobban Creative.


Once you’ve signed the proposal, I’ll invoice you for 50% of the project fee (100% if the project is under $500). Once you’ve paid, we can get the project underway. The final invoice will be sent when I send the first draft. 

Copywriting process - project brief icon - Crystal Lobban Creative.


I’ll send you a document with questions including who your target market is, the tone of voice you want to use, your current competitors and general information about your business.

Copywriting process - first draft icon - Crystal Lobban Creative.


After I have received your completed brief, I undertake the necessary research and write the first draft. This gives you the chance to change* the structure, content and tone of voice. The final invoice will be sent.

Copywriting process - second draft icon - Crystal Lobban Creative.


I then make the required changes and provide you with the second draft. Usually the copy is mostly finished at this stage, with only little tweaks here and there.

Copywriting process - final version icon - Crystal Lobban Creative.


After you send back the second draft, I’ll finalise the copy, making any final tweaks. It then gets a final proofread before I send the final version to you.

Copywriting process - final sign-off icon - Crystal Lobban Creative.


Once your project is finished, I’ll send you a document transferring the copyright to you. I may ask for a testimonial and a copy of your logo and headshot to share on my website and social media.

 * I prefer to use Microsoft Word’s track changes and comments for amends. It’s easier all round than separate amends, emails back and forth and phone discussions.