Agricultural Copywriting

Harvesting words to grow your agricultural business

I create content for agricultural and rural businesses using my real farm life experiences, my writing passion and extensive research skills, to help Australian agricultural businesses flourish.

I’ve lived and breathed farm life for 30 years, having been through droughts, bushfires and floods. Mustering and droving cattle, fencing, weed control, hay making and carting, general farm maintenance – these have all been part of my life.

I certainly know a thing or two about agriculture.

Is your agribusiness yielding great results?

It’s not only the weather and four seasons that dictate farming success.

It’s also the marketing strategy. Yes, there are many farmers, stock and station agents and farm produce stores that have the regular buyers and can get by. However, to grow beyond that, an effective marketing strategy is helpful.

Part of that marketing strategy is to use the power of words to grow your customer base. Just like you feed your livestock and fertilise your crops, your digital marketing needs to be nurtured too.   

It’s not only the weather and four seasons that dictate farming success. It’s also the digital marketing.

Do you have a story to tell about your bumper season, new produce or new rural services? 

Maybe you have released a new wine this season, maybe you have transitioned into a stud farm or maybe you have invented a new piece of farm machinery.

Are you involved in one of the following rural businesses?

Agribusiness companies

Agrifinance specialists

Farm machinery and equipment

Farming operations

Fresh produce growers

Farm produce stores

Pastoral companies

Stock and station agents


Hay and silage in paddock - agricultural copywriter, Crystal Lobban.
Tractor moving hay and silage - agricultural copywriter, Crystal Lobban.
Round bales of hay - agricultural copywriter, Crystal Lobban.

Digital marketing assets including website copy, blogs, newsletters and reports can help spread your message to your rural community and beyond.

As a freelance agricultural copywriter, I can help create and grow your digital marketing assets through carefully crafted words that talk to the rural community.

People on the land are usually not lost for words – it’s always about how much rain there’s been, how the yield is this season and what’s the cattle and sheep prices this week.

When it comes to the marketing side of things, it can be a different story. Often, it’s a case of “I know what I want to talk about, but how can I put that into marketing words?”.

Love the way her writing suits our brand voice

We have used Crystal Lobban Creative multiple times for agricultural blog posts and Crystal is always a pleasure to work with. She is knowledgeable about her subject matter and does her research into the topics she is writing about. We’ve always found that she will listen to our feedback and won’t push her own ideas if we don’t want them. We love the way her writing suits our brand voice.


Marketing Department

Sow the seeds and reap the rewards


Remember it’s not only the weather and four seasons that influence farming success. It’s the digital marketing as well.

Hire an agricultural copywriter to craft your story into meaningful content so your business can reap the rewards in the future.

​Content that makes the reader want to buy your stud bulls or stud rams, or your new cellar wine or machinery.

Importantly, content that resonates with people on the land.