Marketing Material Design

Creating visuals to elevate your business

Carefully designed and presented marketing material connects with and captivates your readers.

Visual and graphical presentation is a great way of effectively communicating your message.

Whether it is information about an upcoming sale and promotion or a brochure advertising the release of new services and products, presentation is key.

Why is the design of business marketing material so important?

You need marketing material that attracts your target audience in a memorable way.

It’s important to build your brand identity through the consistent use of your brand colours, font styles, imagery and overall design.    

With so much marketing material flooding the digital world, you want yours to stand out. How many times do you scan your social media, skimming over all the marketing posts until one attracts your eye?    

Marketing and advertising collateral is a huge business asset, so invest in hiring a professional to help with your visual marketing.

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Photo of Crystal Lobban

How I can help you

I help small businesses create visual messages that make your readers ears prick up. Visual elements are crucial to ensuring that your message is communicated effectively.   

I design eye-catching marketing materials for your business using your brand colours and fonts. I turn your content into colourful messages.

The bonus working with me is that I am a content writer and copywriter, so I can even write the content for you and present it to you in a message that sparkles with colour and design.

I design a range of marketing material to help promote your products and services. Whether you are setting up a new business, refreshing existing materials or have a tradeshow, exhibition or conference to attend, I can help you present your content in a captivating visual way.

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With my marketing knowledge and skills, I can take your content, colours and fonts, and present you with a visually appealing piece of attention-grabbing marketing material. Material that aligns with your brand and resonates with your target market.

Captivate your readers with a sparkling message.