AI is just another tool

We’ve all heard about the ever-evolving artificial intelligence (AI). The world is rapidly advancing in the world of technology.

You may say to yourself, well AI can write my digital content. I don’t need a copywriter. Well, AI may help, but it cannot replace a human copywriter. AI tools including Chat GPT, Claude or Perplexity…they are all just that…tools. Just like MYOB, Xero or QuickBooks…you still need an accountant or bookkeeper to be the driver.

Copywriting is the art of writing content for advertising and promotional purposes. Creating compelling content is a skill. The important thing to remember is to engage with your target audience. You want content that connects and effectively communicates with your potential customers. Content that speaks in your tone of voice. Does the robot really know how you speak and who your audience is?

Here’s the reasons why AI will not replace copywriters for the foreseeable future.  

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The human touch to artificial intelligence

Effective copywriting is about crafting content that resonates with a target audience on an emotional level. Humans have a natural ability to create stories, evoke emotions and tap into the subconscious desires and wants of their readers. AI struggles to replicate human emotion and the tone that makes compelling storytelling truly captivating.

Brands that connect with their audiences on an emotional level establish deeper, more meaningful and longer lasting connections. A skilled human copywriter crafts stories that takes readers on a journey, tapping into their emotions and leaving a lasting impression. An impression that can transform readers into customers.

Does a robot really understand your audience?

Successful copywriting requires a deep understanding of cultural aspects and social trends. Human copywriters immerse themselves in the cultural environment, interpret underlying emotions and craft words that resonate with their audience’s shared culture, experiences and values.

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Humans possess empathy and emotional intelligence. So, a human copywriter can understand a person’s needs and wants, pain points and motivators and in doing so, connect with an audience on a personal level. A level that resonates with people.  

Can a robot really understand what your readers are thinking and what their values are? It’s important to have content that is authentic and relatable to the target audience that is being spoken to. Not a robot that spits out generic words littered with emojis. That’s not going to help attract the customers you want.  

Can an AI tool think outside the box?

Does the robot have the ability to think outside the box and come up with ideas that are specific to what your business needs? It’s like ringing your telecommunications provider and getting the robot on the other end of the line. Can they give you answers that are not on their typed script? Often not.

Can a human copywriter do this. Absolutely yes. A human mind can drive creativity and imagination, adapting to your target audience. You want content that sets your business apart from another. Authentic content that makes you stand out in your field.

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Can AI adapt to different scenarios?

Do AI robots have the ability to adapt to different business situations? Effective copywriting isn’t a one-size-fits-all project. It requires the ability to adapt messaging and tone to different contexts, various target audiences and multiple media platforms. Human copywriters have the cognitive flexibility to understand different contexts and tailor their writing accordingly.

The future of artificial intelligence

AI tools won’t replace human copywriters. Instead, they will be a powerful tool that copywriters embrace. A tool that will complement the emotional intelligence and creativity of a human being. It can be viewed as a collaborative approach.

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AI tools can assist in areas such as data analysis, identifying trends and patterns, and generating initial drafts or outlines. AI can deliver the initial building blocks, but you need a human copywriter to build on those blocks. The human copywriter will inject their unique creativity, empathy and strategic vision to craft compelling copy that resonates.

As the AI world continues to evolve, so will the role of copywriters. It’s important to remember the essence of what makes human copywriting great – the ability to craft stories that resonate on a deep emotional level and the ability to tap into the human psyche. The future of copywriting lies not in the replacement of human talent, but in the harmonious collaboration between human creativity and artificial intelligence.

Over to you

Have you used AI tools to help write your content?

Did AI help with this blog? Yes.

Did the robot write this blog? No. A human copywriter wrote this blog.

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